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  • The snails are coming!

    We all will crawl out in the coming year. And what we especially need is patience, caution and perseverance in achieving our goals, be it Fuji or a zucchini. And we all need a safe house. Where can you slyly show your tongue)))

  • One hundred and seventh

    I will make these Baby Dragons as much as they been ordered to me. And when this white fabric runs out, I will take another white fabric. And I will buy more red thorns as much as this need.

  • Adelkawalka

    Cross-posting continues! The creative workshop Adelkawalka hosted Klyonushka (VK and Instagram) – they post works with their eyes, and I recently discovered them for myself. And now I share. And also I introduce a special tag for Baby Dragons with Adelkawalka eyes. Because there will be many such Baby Dragons! Their site is very good […]

  • One hundred and sixth

    I spent Halloween with her as she wanted to. Her owner will not be easy with her, but they will became friends of course.