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  • drb104-5

    One hundred and fourth

    Once a werewolf fox wanted to turn into a dragon. Or did the dragon decide to become a werewolf fox? With Yōkai it’s never clear! I didn’t even hear her name: Ryū-no Kitsune is a name that is translated from Japanese as “dragonfox”.

  • drb001-drb101_4


    “How to determine which Baby Dragon was made earlier and which later?” Baby Dragons are laid out strictly in the order of creation. If you set the sorting “by latest”, then the Baby Dragons will line up in turn, and the newest will be at the top. The BABY DRAGONS link is preset to chronological […]

  • One hundred and third

    Blue-eyed – I could not help but made her.

  • cross01-img

    “Strange Things Shop”

    This is the first, but far from the last, cross-posting with neighbors in the Internet market. Today we are visiting the “Strange Things Shop” on VK. There are wonderful and strange videos, music, paintings, photographs and things. And you don’t want to leave there at all!