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  • One hundred twenty fifth

    It’s been so hard to find out some time between orders for the Goddess of Explosive Autumn. And I implemented the old idea with sliding wings, making sure that I can do it, but it’s extremely difficult, so I don’t know when I will try again. But the lampwork bead from Alena Davydova came up […]

  • Flock of owls

    This is the first order of things – and the first “corporate” order, because the logo had to be repeated. To settle all the questions, I preferred to make a test owl and send it to the customer. The finished thing is more convincing than the most accurate drawing – for me, for sure!

  • Baby Dragon Moira on Cyprus


  • The site is one year old!

    – do you sell dragons? – no just showing – beautiful… The site “Dragons and Things” is a year old. Video with all the BabyDragons on the link http://dragons-things.ru/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/drb-ALL-124.mp4