“How to determine which Baby Dragon was made earlier and which later?”

Baby Dragons are laid out strictly in the order of creation. If you set the sorting “by latest”, then the Baby Dragons will line up in turn, and the newest will be at the top. The BABY DRAGONS link is preset to chronological order.

In addition, each page with Baby Dragons has a number indicating its order of its made. This number is visible in the address bar if you access the site from a PC or laptop. On a smartphone, the full address of the page can be viewed by poking at (i) in front of the address (do not be alarmed by the warning that “the connection is not secure”: there are no forms on the site, you cannot enter your personal data even if you want to).

The first Baby Dragon was completed in November 2014. The winter demo (they are not for sale) New Years Guardianess serves as an annual divider. This way, you can always appreciate how Baby Dragons have changed over time.

(Remind you that you can ask your question through any of the communication channels indicated on the “orders” page).