One hundred and ninth

Every December I make a New Year’s Guardianess. This is an demonstration Baby Dragon, and its meaning is not only to show my pumped up skills. She is my personal helper.

Before, I did not talk about the Guardianess in detail. But this year I have worked so much with images of other people and even countries that I probably need to tell you. In order not to repeat the word “symbolic” in each line, I would like to note that everything mentioned below is symbolic.

Her skin-cloth is from the “Atlantia” by Robert Kaufman I have repeatedly mentioned. This collection is my ideal, and for a long time it looked unattainable: they did not buy it to Russia, and ordering from abroad is too expensive… And then I received a gift. By the way, from Belarus. And I was able to buy pieces from the addition collection on Amazon.

The petal beads that frame the jaw were bought from a little shop in an underground passage in the center of Minsk. Every time I find something rare there. And thorns were found, as usual, in the Czech Republic.

The chic horn is my next level of uniqueness. This is a lampwork bead from Alena Davydova. I admired her beauties for a long time, from time to time ordering gifts for my friends and myself too (my precios fly agarics!), until I could bear it. The experience is successful, I will continue.

Fur is a discovery of the outgoing year. There is one lady in Voronezh who has such … constantly new items … from all over the world … and the quality … In short, I haven’t had enough yet))) I have already used white long fur in several ordered Baby Dragons. I do it, enjoy it – and send it away. I really wanted to do it for myself. Well then.

A plush of a delicate turquoise shade is, it seems, from the very first plush that I bought back in Moscow. It’s Japanese.

There is weighting in this Baby Dragon, as well as in others from second hundred. Which I have learned. And I do it with stones picked up during summer walks on our dachas district. River pebbles that have become steppe. Washed, calcined, processed, with their own history.

But I won’t tell you about the three keys, because it is between me and Kyshky-Jelan. She knows.