The snails are coming!

We all will crawl out in the coming year. And what we especially need is patience, caution and perseverance in achieving our goals, be it Fuji or a zucchini. And we all need a safe house. Where can you slyly show your tongue)))


Cross-posting continues! The creative workshop Adelkawalka hosted Klyonushka (VK and Instagram) – they post works with their eyes, and I recently discovered them for myself. And now I share. And also I introduce a special tag for Baby Dragons with Adelkawalka eyes. Because there will be many such Baby Dragons! Their site is very good […]

Blue-eyed in Blue-eyed

Although Minsk is geographically closer than New York – and even St. Petersburg is further from Volgograd – Belarus is now a true “place of power”. Therefore, it is so pleasant to boast that Blue-eyed is conquering its historical homeland! … And the telegram-channel “Basta!” wrote about her as “a very cute mini-version of the […]

One hundred and fifth

The autumn Baby Dragon was my third. And every year I tried to catch the elusive beauty of autumn. And every time I was close – but still far away. So Klyonushka appeared not only within the “One Hundred Dragon Later” project. It’s just that autumn has come again…


“How to determine which Baby Dragon was made earlier and which later?” Baby Dragons are laid out strictly in the order of creation. If you set the sorting “by latest”, then the Baby Dragons will line up in turn, and the newest will be at the top. The BABY DRAGONS link is preset to chronological […]