Fabrics for orders

An important innovation: the folder “Fabrics for orders” appeared on the site, it will be gradually filled. I will sort the fabrics into groups, you can download a picture with the fabric you like or give me its name. I plan to use photos of fabrics from the manufacturer’s website to achieve better color rendition. […]

One hundred and tenth

The Baby Dragon’s first motto was “They’re all cute when they are babies.” Therefore, the demand for “less kawaii, more gloom” was a serious test. The image of the Black Fly agaricness helped a lot. Amanita is cute anyway. But this is the cuteness of a poisonous mushroom. And it really does glow in the […]

Adventures of Baby Dragons

In the new year — with a new section! In fact, the need for the “Adventure” rubric has been long overdue. Not all Baby Dragons, having found a new home, calm down on the bookshelf. For some, everything is just beginning: photo shoots, installations and other activities. I post photographs which sent to me as […]

Happy new year!

The main joy of this year: the site dragons-things.ru, launched in August. It is still not fully completed, but the bulk of the work is behind. First of all, I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to Leigh Lee, who responded and helped to install a wordpress on my host, and then helped […]


It was a foregone conclusion. Well, if you start doing micro, get ready to reduce it until the material allows … But the Mimimicro Baby Dragon is not just a half-size normal model. This is a newborn nestling, a real baby. It was extremely interesting for me to try – to test myself. And now […]