“How to determine which Baby Dragon was made earlier and which later?” Baby Dragons are laid out strictly in the order of creation. If you set the sorting “by latest”, then the Baby Dragons will line up in turn, and the newest will be at the top. The BABY DRAGONS link is preset to chronological […]

One hundred and first

Introducing Kavunya – the first Baby Dragon whose photographs appear for the first time and there are on the new website. She’s one hundred and first. She is also the first in the project “A hundred Baby Dragons later” (see joint photos in the gallery – they are once after the map of materials). I […]

The first hundred and renew news format

An important stage has been reached in the life of the site: the cherished first hundred Baby Dragons, which have already been posted on Facebook, VKontakt and Instagram, have finally been uploaded. Only now each Baby Dragon has a detailed description of all specifications, including sizes, they are provided with a variety of marks, attributes […]

Steppe amulets

A collection of amulets “All times of the steppe power lines: Ravines” is on the site. I still want to continue this series – only there is no time) Half of the “Ravine” series has already been sold out. What I have left was shoted in a new light. Repetition is impossible, but to order […]