I continue to follow the living of the flew away Baby Dragons. The meeting of the two ones from Minsk was accompanied by Ryzhy. Ryzhy liked it, the hostesses too! By the way, Blue-eyed is a veteran of the protests who visited both Zmagarych and the Square of Changes. And judging by the active civic […]

One hundred fifteenth

I started thinking about Aurora in December last year, planning to made her in February, but she was finished for my birthday. I was going to take pictures of her on the street, or even at the dacha, but the long winter did not allow it. In general, I made a Baby Dragon, which should […]

Isabel and Tagai

It so happened that almost all Baby Dragons from second hundred flew away to their new homes. And often they flew away on that day when I finished them. I didn’t have time to admire them enough how I had to follow the tracker number … That is why every photo message about the successful […]

Amulets of travels

Three series of “Amulets of Travels” have been posted. Each series is presented in three formats: brooch, charm and pendant. Moreover, the brooch is the view from the train window, the pendant is the view from the airplane window, and the charm is also a top view from the plane, but it is round window, […]