Flock of owls

This is the first order of things – and the first “corporate” order, because the logo had to be repeated. To settle all the questions, I preferred to make a test owl and send it to the customer. The finished thing is more convincing than the most accurate drawing – for me, for sure!

DRAGONS & things on Etsy

The store on Etsy.com performs the same function as on Livemaster.ru: if you really want to make a purchase through these sites, no problem, I will post what you need. But I will not waste extra time on a shop on Etsy: reading the posts of the community dedicated to Etsy was rather frightening. If […]

Brilliant flame

Perhaps the last of the renew Baby Dragon, but I will not guess. I have been planning to give Mervena a new look for a long time. And I did it only when the terrible time of dry grass came. Despite the luxurious look, she feels better only on dryness ready to break out.


Project “One Hundred Baby Dragons Later” could be called “The Second Approach to the Projectile”, and the fourth issue was the so-called “Gzhel” – in fact, the “blue pattern on white” style, which has many varieties. Therefore, in a pair to the Gzhelina made at the beginning of 2015, two Baby Dragons turned out at […]