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  • One hundred twenty ninth

    I was asked to create a dragon – namely a dragon. But that was not the most important thing. It must be a Keeper for a person. A keeper that takes away despair and gives strength. If anything has such power, it is the piercing blue late autumn sky, shining through the black-gray branches and […]

  • One hundred twenty-eighth

    Once I asked my friends to help me translate the name for the Baby Dragon subspecies “Crowned Crested Tails”. In the end, this task was completed by one linguist and two biologists from the Darwin Museum (and rightly so: if you do, do it as well as possible). Coronifera cristicauda has many small differences from […]

  • For everyone who loves Miyazaki

    Before I started making Baby Dragons, I made four Asian dragons, very large – about a meter each. One now lives in Moscow with a new mistress, and three are decorating my room, working as a constant reminder that I did such things, and I didn’t like it. Because it’s too long and boring. Actually, […]

  • One hundred twenty sixth and one hundred twenty seventh

    Autumn has come again. And I continue to let go of Smoks… Alice and Mikhalina.