For everyone who loves Miyazaki

Before I started making Baby Dragons, I made four Asian dragons, very large – about a meter each. One now lives in Moscow with a new mistress, and three are decorating my room, working as a constant reminder that I did such things, and I didn’t like it. Because it’s too long and boring.

Actually, when we discussed this order, nothing prevented me from making another Baby Dragon, but in Haku colors, especially since I had Haku colors in the corresponding materials. And the customer agreed … But then I fell seriously ill, and spent a month with a fever. I felt so bad that I didn’t want to sew. This despite the fact that I started sewing literally the next day after resuscitation! At some point, I got scared that I would never want to sew Baby Dragons. And when I recovered and wanted again, I still remembered that fear.

Asian dragons are not my topic. But I needed to test myself that I could: I could build a pattern, I could work in new techniques.

Hayao-hime is not a Baby Dragon after all. But let it be.